by Ghost Bath

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    releases 10 April 2015

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"The music treads in more fowl waters on the track “Happyhouse”, which is anything but happy. This saddening display of music always makes me feel worse. The arrangement of the guitars, drums and vocals just seal the deal. Ghost Bath are THE best depressing black metal band right now. Without a doubt...There isn’t enough words, expressions and metaphors to fully explain how wonderful and delightful this album is."

" These morbid young upstarts have gotten an impressive amount of attention for their upcoming Northern Silence debut, Moonlover—a boon for any young project, of course...(we're streaming their excellent new album, Moonlover)"

“Golden Number,” the debut single from the forthcoming Moonlover, is friggin’ SPECTACULAR. Like the lovechild of Celeste and Buried Inside, the song is somehow depressing and uplifting, epic and intimate, and beautiful and ugly, all at the same time. And even at 9+ minutes, it goes through enough shifts to keep the listener on his toes.

"...with the release of Moonlover it’s apparent that Ghost Bath has broadened its horizons while honing in on a truly tragic, beautiful sound that still retains a heavy focus on its bleaker roots...Ghost Bath favors deliberate, precise melodies that kick through their unique mixture of black metal. [...] The vocals retain the tortured, Burzum-esque howl that evokes the depressive black metal comparisons, yet they are mixed thoroughly into the songs rather than standing against them. The harmony Ghost Bath has found within itself and its collective set of sounds is what makes Moonlover such a memorable album."

"Moonlover proves that Ghost Bath's first LP wasn't a one-off. There are still some indulgent portions on there, but the sheer musicianship and songwriting attention of the guy behind this overcomes a lot of the growing pains of his sound. After a second album with a lot of the same elements, I'm still quite impressed with it."

"GHOST BATH was an underappreciated band in 2014 but with “Moonlover” I think they should expect to start receiving a lot more attention. This year has only just begun and we already have a memorable and fantastic hit straight out of the gates."

"The final song, “Death and the Maiden”, takes a more metal approach. The guitar continues to deliver in-your-face melodies as the drums inflict a mid-paced pounding over the howling vocals, which die down along with the intensity when the blast-beat comes. This is a pretty cool effect, the drums hitting the blast-beat and then everyone else backing off and wandering around it."

"There is a lot regarding this band that is still uncertain. The member’s identity and even actual location is still as of yet undetermined. Whether or not this is a project of Chinese, US, or mixed origins...Moonlover is melancholic. I am still confused to what this band is in real life but I think I can rest assured that I will know them in dreams and nightmares."


releases 10 April 2015

Northern Silence:

Engineered, Mixed, Mastered Produced by Joshua Schroeder.
Album cover: "La Luna, 1989" by Luiz Gonzalez Palma.



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